90-minute workshops for any gymnastics, kettlebell, or body-weight movement.

Check out the 3 most popular options

Strong and Stable shoulders

Human shoulders are capable of such beautiful articulation and movement. They move more freely than other joint, but with this freedoms comes the possibly for misalignment, misuse, and injury. Our modern lives and conventional training methods only pour fuel on the fire.

This workshops will increase your understanding of your shoulder joint and give you tools and tactics to develop strong, stabile, mobille, and bombproof shoulders!

Hone your handstand

Hand-balancing and inversion open up entirely new realms of training and practice. 

This workshop teaches the fundamental elements of supporting weight on your hands as well as finding and honing your balance. Whether you are working up the courage to kick up to your first handstand or you have a developed handstand practice you will learn tools to take your hand-balancing to the next level.

Perfect your pistol

Proper pistols demonstrate high level strength, stability, and mobility for every joint below the waist. Not to mention pistols are sexy movement, no two ways about it. Yet, they allude most athletes.

This workshop offers tools to increase the balance, proprioception, and mobility required to access the pistol. You will also learn many drills and exercises to train your single-leg strength and stability while working toward your first pistol.

** Host facilities receive % of registration costs