Custom program design and private coaching sessions for individuals and small groups. 

Accountability both inside and outside the gym to help you reach your personal body composition, athletic, or sport-specific goals.

Emphasis on movement quality optimized for holistic, whole-body, fluid movement.

Become better in your body today!


  • Natural movement
  • Kettlebells
  • Mobility and Recovery
  • Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting
  • Gymnastics and Body-weight movement
  • Corrective and Restorative Movement
  • Numerous specific team and individual sports including: soccer, basketball, skateboarding, surfing, cross-country, track and field, triathlon, CrossFit and many more


The Studio in Ventura, CA - The Studio website


The location of your choosing in and around Ventura, CA. We can meet at your home or office, a public park, the beach, etc. NOTE: Price increases my apply for lengthy travel.


Many time slots available to fit your schedule. Please contact to inquire about scheduling sessions. 

Weekly sessions at the same time slot preferred but not required. We can work to best fit your schedule.


One-on-One        $70 per hour

Two-People         $100 per hour

3-5 People           $120 per hour

NOTE: 5% discount when signed up for 3-month auto-pay commitment


Please contact with personal training inquiries. Thank you.